Quotes to Remember

Kristina A.:
“I need some scones. I’m like a crack addict.  I’ll meet you in any alley to get some.”
“I made 8 mini scones and ate 4 immediately-I can’t stop myself! These are FABULOUS Chef Boof!”
Nancy S.:
“Best scone I ever ate!!! Mornings may never be the same again….”
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Green beans are a snap with this tip.

Check out my “Chef Tips / Techniques” tab (above) for detailed information.

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A New Business Adventure

January 2, 2012

As you all are well aware, my online scone business did not start as expected last summer.  There were a few more pressing matters to deal with.  The first special reason for the delay is the birth of my great niece, Lilley.  I felt it was more important for my nephew to enjoy the birth of his daughter and get accustomed to being a daddy than to get this business up and running.  Now that he is settled, I have one more obstacle to overcome.  My back finally went full tilt and I am soon having fusion surgery.  I am hoping for a speedy recovery so that we can get this business up and running this year.  Please don’t give up.  If you are a friend, you know I will always help you get scones to satisfy your cravings.

Until next time.


My nephew Jon and I are working out the details to market my dessert mixes for sale via the internet (jonsestores.wordpress.com).  Although we are still in the infancy stages, we are plugging right along and hope to get up and running soon.  Stay tuned for more exciting news as the developments unfold.  [The most recent entries will be on top.]

Chef Boof

May 9, 2011

Wow.  Time sure flies.  It’s been about a month since I last updated our business’ progress.  We now have a logo and it looks pretty cool.  It may change slightly as we our business grows but it is definitely a keeper.

Last week, Jon filed the LLC paperwork with the State of Idaho.  He is now getting calls from banks wanting our business so I guess that is a clear sign that we are headed in the right direction.  Jon has also negotiated a price for our insurance coverage and has managed to get monthly payments approved.  That is great news for us.

Jon has secured our website (www.chefboof.com) and is working on putting our website together.  The pictures and prices shown right now are just for reference.  The pictures are not of our product line yet but soon, our yummies will be pictured.

There is a lot more behind the scenes paperwork than I ever imagined.  We have almost completed the business plan and I am now working on the cost control plan so we hopefully avoid going backwards financially.  I am also in the process of seeking out our primary, secondary and specialty vendors.

I will be back in Boise in June and we hope to produce our first batch of mixes.  Of course, we still have to come up with our packaging and labeling designs but at least the packaging will be done.

I am still hopeful for a summer debut but it might be more like the end of summer–unless I get my act in gear!  🙂

The good news in all of this is that we are really going to do this.  Soon, the Chef Boof Gem Scones will be at your door and your friends will all be clamoring for more!

Chef Boof

April 7, 2011

I am home from a week of Boise fun.  While on the trip, Jon and I met, had some business meetings and accomplished a lot.  We have selected our commercial kitchen, started on our logo design which is now being developed by graphic artist Zachary Galyen, gained a web domain, and have obtained a business mentor to help us along the way.  Currently, Jon is working on our website and it is coming along nicely.  Soon we will have actual pictures of our products (not the ones he is using right now for his visual needs) and the actual product prices (that’s my job!).

We learned a lot just in this week alone which we plan to put into place.  I don’t know if the June goal date will actually be a go, but we are definitely moving towards completion. Next on our agenda is to file for a LLC, get our business license and insurance.  I guess it’s time to work some overtime!!!  Check our links to watch our business grow from a concept to reality.

A special thanks to all those who participated in the first round of trials.  The feedback on survey monkey was great.  I have taken the suggestions and applied them to the Boise-area trials.   Do you want to be part of the upcoming local product trials in exchange for participating in the surveys?  If you do, subscribe now to be notified of upcoming opportunities.

Until next time.

Chef Boof

April 1, 2011

Yesterday, we made some of our competitor’s mixes.  After trying them, we are very excited and encouraged.  We believe you will LOVE our mixes.  Jon and I have some business meetings on Monday and we hope to get at least the basic business up and running by June.  Wish us luck.

Chef Boof

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Hello world!


I am about to start blogging as recommended by my pastry chef friend Carolyn.  Stay tuned for discussions, comments and reviews that are mostly geared around the culinary world and travel.

Currently under construction are my tabs for restaurant reviews, recipes, chef tips and tricks as well as general discussions on life.  Check back often as I am trying to add something every few days.

Until next time….


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