Hello world!


I am about to start blogging as recommended by my pastry chef friend Carolyn.  Stay tuned for discussions, comments and reviews that are mostly geared around the culinary world and travel.

Currently under construction are my tabs for restaurant reviews, recipes, chef tips and tricks as well as general discussions on life.  Check back often as I am trying to add something every few days.

Until next time….


About Chef Boof

Once upon a time, my nephew was a mere 15-months old. As he learned to talk, we discovered quickly that he couldn't pronounce my name too well. Thus, "Boof" was born. Now 26 years later, EVERYBODY calls me Boof. I have attended culinary school and have an avid love for good quality food. Combine this with my thirst for adventure through travel, and we have a recipe for a fantastic blog. Check back for updates, reviews, menu and travel ideas. Together, we are about to go on a culinary adventure.
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